Ever since I can remember, I've been enamored by two things: Music, and video games. My youth was spent doing many things, but there were two things I'd do just about every day: Shoot for high scores and completions, and spend hours in the sound test menus listening to the music.

That appreciation for video games and music led me to try to play it. I learned piano and guitar trying to figure out tracks I loved from video games, all by ear.

That passion for video game music has influenced the way I think about music as a whole. My entire outlook on music now sits at a point where I firmly believe that music is more than just background noise; it's a part of any experience that can be as interactive as a puzzle, boss fight, or platforming section. It's every bit a part of gameplay as anything else.

After bringing that outlook to two metal bands and an original solo music project, I brought it back to where it all began: Video game music. I renewed my focus, and with it, found new mountains to climb.

I love video games. I love making music for them. And I'd love to bring that passion to whatever you're making.

Need some rockin' music for your game or video project? Need a theme song for your podcasts or a jingle for your YouTube videos? Hit up my email and let's work something out!

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Looking to use some of the remixes or covers I've already created in a video, game, or similar media project? Please give this a read first.

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